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Mining Supplies

Mining Supplies

Mining Supplies

Gasman is a specialist welding materials supplier. Our Uvex "beats everything in sight" welding helmets and welding products are state of the art and designed with efficiency and comfort in mind. Contact us for our vast array of welding rods and tools. Our Ultralloy's welding inverter (featured below) is a firm favourite with our industrial and DIY customers.

Our Uvex Spartan welding helmets (top left) are a traditional arch design with adjustable head gear and fit comfortably over eyewear and half-mask respirators. These helmets are available with telescoping head gear with multiple positions and also available in 2 X 4 1/4 stationary and flip-up; and 4 1/4 X 5 1/4 wide view.

Mining Supplies Mining Supplies  

All Uvex Spartan welding helmets are complete with cover plate and shade 10 filter plates.Other welding helmets include the functional Optrel range. (left)

Welding masks from OPTREL provide optimum working equipment for professional welders. The automatic shade cartridges guarantee efficient, and precise work with the highest level of safety. The user-friendly design, the high-precision optics and high-tech electronics enable you to perform top quality welding. The individual settings mean that you can adjust the masks for your own personal comfort and to meet special working conditions.
A 2 year warranty on ADF cartridge applies.



* Designed and made in South Africa with built-in VOLTSAFE for extra comfort and safety.
* The ULTRAVERT has been designed for use in conditions where high humidity usually creates machine failure through corrosion. The electronics of the ULTRAVERT TURBO-COOL are completely sealed thus assuring ultra effective core cooling and smooth operation.
* All ULTRAVERTS offer a 60% duty cycle at maximum settings.
* ULTRAVERTS offer a very stable DC-arc characteristic, even when welding low hydrogen electrodes.
* A full 12 months warranty comes with each machine.

Welding Inverter


Mining Accessories We are pleased to offer you a complete program range of flashback arrestors for different applications:

Flashback arrestors, regulator mounted, for single gas cylinder use; or flashback arrestors, blowpipe mounted, for manual welding and cutting. All arrestors are available with or without quick coupling systems.

Decomposition arrestors and quick action cut off valves for acetylene cylinder and bundle manifolds, as well as high performance arrestors for flame cutting machines and other processes.

Gasman also stocks a variety of electrode holders, earth clamps, cable connectors and all industrial safety equipment. This includes noise mufflers and industrial goggles and safety glasses. Kindly phone us or e-mail us to enquire about our full range of industrial safety equipment.

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