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Mining Supplies

Mining Supplies

We are suppliers of Shell & FUCHS oils:

We are suppliers of the following type of FUCHS oils:

  • Engine Crankcase Oils;
  • Universal/Multipurpose Oils;
  • Auto-Gear Oils;
  • Automatic Transmission Fluids;
  • Two Stroke Oils;
  • Hydraulic Oils;
  • Turbine Oils;
  • Circulating Oils;
  • Slide and Away Oils;
  • Air Compressor Lubricants;
  • Air Tool Lunricants-Pneumatic;
  • Compounded/Cylinder Oils;
  • Industrial Gear Oils;
  • Process/Thermal/Heat Transfer;
  • Wire Rope Dressings;
  • Metal Cutting Fluids


Our Shell oil products include:
- Shell Helix for Petrol engine oils (description below)
- Shell Helix for Diesel engine oils
- Shell Outboards oils and Forestry oils
- Multifunctional Universal oils
- Gearbox oils
- Hydrolic oils, Grease and Paraffin

Find the right oil for your engine!

The range of oils from Shell Helix responds to all the demands of modern motoring. So whether you have a high-performance car or an older model, use diesel or petrol, tend to drive around town or on faster roads - Shell Helix has an oil that's right for you.

Shell Helix Ultra

The ultimate protection for performance motoring. Shell Helix Ultra is a premium grade, fully synthetic engine oil scientifically formulated to provide the ultimate engine protection for prestige and high performance vehicles. Founded on Shell technology and Formula 1 racetrack experience over many years, Shell Helix Ultra has been tried, tested and proven even under the most extreme driving conditions. Shell Helix Ultra exceeds the requirements of all major car manufacturers and industry standards.

Shell Helix Plus

Superior performance in all driving conditions, whatever your car Shell Helix Plus is an advanced-technology, semi-synthetic motor oil providing superior performance in today's passenger cars. The formulation ensures excellent viscosity retention and superior engine protection under all modern driving conditions. Shell Helix Plus exceeds specification levels and is approved by all major motor manufacturers including BMW, Peugeot-Citroen, Rover, VW and Mercedes Benz.

Shell Helix Super is a guaranteed quality lubricant based on mineral oil.It has been formulated to meet the all-year-round requirements of passenger car engines. Combining high-quality base oils with an advanced additive system, Shell Helix Super combats the harmful effects of cold running, stop-start motoring and the formation of black sludge deposits in your engine. Shell Helix Super meets the specification levels API SJ and ACEA A2-96.

Shell Helix
Hard-working protection for older cars. Shell Helix is a high quality mineral oil offering good value and reliable protection for most standard cars. It offers robust wear protection and is compatible with all common synthetic rubber seal materials, ensuring oil consumption control is retained even in extended service.

Why should I use Shell Helix in my car?
Shell Hlelix lubricants minimise contact between parts-in-motion, protecting them from mechanical wear and so reducing the loss of energy caused by friction. They also prevent the build up of sludge deposits that can interfere with the normal function of mechanical elements. Shell Helix will also:

    - Protect the engine from internal corrosion
    - Remain viscous under all operating conditions
    - Ease cold starts, avoiding wear and tear
    - Cool all parts-in-motion in the engine
    - Allow for a good seal between piston and cylinder
    - Avoid contamination with combustion gases, especially in modern cars.


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